Upper School Rhetoric and Christian Thought Teacher

The Geneva School is looking for a full-time, upper-school Rhetoric and Christian Thought teacher who has the ability to teach logic and rhetoric courses as well as theology and biblical studies.

Qualified candidates will:

  • hold at least a bachelor’s degree in the humanities (e.g., history, literature, philosophy, theology) with a strong emphasis on written and spoken communication
  • have 3+ years experience teaching upper-school humanities
  • be eager to collaborate with fellow faculty on curricula
  • demonstrate the ability to communicate well with parents, students, colleagues, and administrators
  • display a love for learning and a passion to cultivate that love in their students
  • agree with the school’s statement of faith, attend and be in good standing with a Christian church, and live a life of discipleship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

The ideal candidate will:

  • understand that the humanities are a vital part of a classical liberal arts education
  • demonstrate an understanding of and skill in implementing classical curriculum and pedagogy
  • seek to grow in his or her understanding of this tradition in order to re-imagine and embody the richest practices of a Christian, liberal arts education
  • see the potential of Rhetoric and Christian Thought courses for integrating the curriculum, particularly with history, literature, and art
  • have a master’s degree in rhetoric or another related field
  • have coursework and/or extensive knowledge in the areas of humanities, rhetoric, logic, art history, music history, intellectual history, and/or historical theology
  • demonstrate substantial knowledge of the Scriptures, creeds, and the doctrinal statements contained in The Geneva School’s statement of faith