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2017 National Honor Society Induction Address given by Mr. Scott R. ForresterApril 24, 2017Stream Download
2016 Convocation Address (Rev. Robert Ingram)August 24, 2016Stream Download
2016 Commencement Address (Dr. Michael Lindsay, President, Gordon College, Wenham, MA)May 27, 2016Stream Download
2016 Baccalaureate Address (Mr. Jim Reynolds, Dean of Faculty)May 26, 2016Stream Download
2016 National Honor Society Induction Address given by Mr. Joe MoonApril 15, 2016Stream Download
2015 Convocation Address (Rev. Robert Ingram)August 26, 2015Stream Download
2015 Commencement Address (Dr. Louis Markos, Professor in English, Houston Baptist University, TX)May 22, 2015Stream Download
2015 Baccalaureate Address (Mr. Andrew Smith, Director of the Rhetoric School)May 21, 2015Stream Download
2014 Commencement Address (Dr. Timothy George, Dean Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, AL)May 23, 2014Stream Download
2014 Baccalaureate Address (Rev. Mike Francis, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian, DeLand, FL)May, 22, 2014Stream Download
2013 National Honor Society Induction Address given by Mr. Kevin ClarkApril 19, 2013Stream Download
An Evening with Dr. Susan Wise BauerJan 21, 2013Stream Download
2012 Commencement Address (Cherie Harder, President of Trinity Forum)May 25, 2012Stream Download
2012 Baccalaureate Address (Peter O'Driscoll, Pastor of Orlando Children's Church)May 24, 2012Stream Download
2012 National Honor Society Induction Address given by Mr. Jeremiah ForsheyApril 20, 2012Stream Download
Ken Myers (Great Conversation)October 26, 2011Stream Download
Vice Admiral John Scott Redd (Great Conversation)February 8, 2011Stream Download
Terry Eastland (Great Conversations)October 14, 2010Stream Download
Vigen Guroian (Great Conversations)February 10, 2010Stream Download
2009 Commencement Address (Dr. Sinclair Ferguson)May 22, 2009Stream Download
2009 Baccalaureate Address (Rev. Michael Francis)May 21, 2009Stream Download
Nine Rs: Address on the American Economy (Jim Seneff at a Great Conversation 08-09)April 16, 2009Stream Download
The Moral Biography of Wealth and Philanthropy (Paul Schervish at a Great Conversation 08-09)January 12, 2009Stream Download
An Address by Dinesh D'Souza (Great Conversation 08-09)November 11, 2008Stream Download
Covenant Relationships, (Tim Keller at Come & See 2008)April 26, 2008Stream Download
Makoto Fujimura (Great Conversations)November 28, 2007Stream Download
Chuck Colson at Come & See 2007 (We apologize that this audio recording cuts off before the end of Mr. Colson's talk.)April 28, 2007Stream Download
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