Tolle Lege 2014-2015

Tolle Lege

The name of our faculty commentary series is Tolle Lege in honor of St. Augustine. These Latin words were the chant of children playing in a garden one day adjacent to where the decidedly “non saint” Augustine was relaxing and reading. The words rang out as a clarion call by God for him to “take it and read.” Looking about, he found a Bible next to him opened to Paul’s letter to the Romans. The text of scripture touched his conscience, heart, and soul, reducing him to tears of repentance under a fig tree. God the Holy Spirit used that combination of events to call Augustine to faith in Christ. His conversion ultimately had a dramatic impact upon the next millennium of world and church history.

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DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
May 22, 2015Chapel at The Geneva School: Turning Towards Faith & PracticeMichael Miller (Music Instructor)
May 15, 2015Rhinglish CivologySarah Madsen and Robbie Andreasen
May 1, 2015Taste and SeeKatie Faerber (Second Grade Instructor)
April 24, 2015Moralistic Therapeutic DeismMiss Grace Park (Class of 2015)
April 17, 2015Love Them Enough to Let Them FailMichelle Alvarez (Math/Science Instructor)
April 10, 2015Getting into the Habit of DyingDr. Grant Brodrecht (History Instructor)
April 2, 2015Winds in the EastLeigh O'Donoghue (Kindergarten Instructor)
March 27, 2015To All Those Who WanderSarah Madsen (English and Rhetoric Instructor)
March 11, 2015Love, LIfe, and Understanding:What is Christian Classical Education?Ravi Jain (Math/Science Instructor)
February 27, 2015What's so Great About Gatsby?Jeremiah Forshey (English Instructor)
February 20, 15Recovering all the Juice and JoyTamara Molyneaux (French/Rhetoric Instructor)
February 13, 2015Shifting GearsBrian Polk (Science Instructor)
January 30, 2015What If?Rev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)
January 9, 2015I Can't!Miss. Jenna Bagnoli (Kindergarten Instructor)
December 12, 2014Who is this King of Glory?Dr. Edward Chandler (Greek Instructor)
December 5, 2015Having a Good ConfrontationJim Reynolds (Dean of Faculty)
November 21, 2014Pursuing the BeautifulLaura Grace Alexander (English Instructor)
November 14, 2014What Child is This?Matthew Frazer (Latin Instructor)
November 7, 2014Ordinary SaintsTamara Molyneaux (French/Rhetoric Instructor)
October 31, 2014A Senior Parent’s ThanksgivingDr. William Andrews (Associate Professor of Management; Chair of the Department of International Business at Stetson University)
October 24, 2014Florilegia (A Gathering of Flowers)Naomi Wise (English Instructor)
October 17, 2014Holy Ancient Heresies, Batman!Matthew Clark (Art and Science Instructor)
October 10, 2014How to Think About TechnologyKevin Clark (Academic Dean and Rhetoric Instructor)
October 3, 2014Engraved On His PalmLeigh O’Donoghue (First Grade Instructor)
September 26, 2014Opening ConvocationRev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)
September 18, 2014Learning is DangerousMr. Andrew Smith (Director of the Rhetoric School, Rhetoric and Christian Thought Instructor)
September 12, 2014A Community of FaithDr. Michael Beates (Dean of Students, Dialectic Bible and History Instructor)
September 5, 2014A Community of Faith and LearningRev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)