Tolle Lege 2008-2009

DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
August 22, 2008Introduction to Faculty CommentariesRev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)
August 29, 2008How are We a Classical School?Kim Gordiany (6th Grade Teacher)
September 5, 2008A Liberal Arts EducationJoy Schaffer (Director of Curriculum)
September 12, 2008Education in MusicWendy Miller (Music)
September 19, 2008Integration and the Tools of LearningRobbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology)
September 25, 2008Sola ScripturaBill Wood (Dean of Faculty)
October 3, 2008How Should We Think?Joe Moon (D/R Logic & Pre-Algebra)
October 10, 2008The Fundamental Idea of ResurrectionDr. Michael Beates (D/R History & Bible)
October 15, 2008St. Augustine: The Original Christian Classical EducatorRavi Jain (Scientific Revolution, Relativity and Reason)
October 24, 2008What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? (Part 1)Naomi Wise (Dialectic English)
October 31, 2008What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? (Part 2)Nick DeGroot (Latin)
November 7, 2008Scientifically SpeakingBrian Polk (Physical Science, Chemistry, & Pre-Algebra)
November 14, 2008Teaching the Tools of LearningRichard Marsh (Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, & Physics)
November 21, 2008Cultivating a Classical CultureFirst Grade Team (Jill Lewis, Betty Ralls, and Leslie Shriner)
December 5, 2008Tolle LegeKevin Clark (Systematic Theology, Philosophy & Apologetics, & Aesthetics)
December 12, 2008...the play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the kingLisa Hines (Drama)
December 19, 2008On Reading WellPeter Buffington (6th Grade Teacher)
December 23, 2008Guerrilla Tactics for Saving Public DiscourseRavi Jain (Scientific Revolution, Relativity and Reason)
January 9, 2009The Lpong View of Classical EducationDr. Mike Beates (Old and New Testament, Ancient Near Eastern History, & Western Civilization I)
January 16, 2009Imitation: The Longview of Teaching WritingAnne Burguet (6th Grade Language Arts Teacher)
January 30, 2009Lessons Slowly LearnedMichael Miller (Music)
February 6, 2009Ad Fontes...or Ad Nauseam?Nathan Raley (Rhetoric, French I, II, & IV)
February 12, 2009On the Latin Language, Shakespeare, and Speaking to the DeadJoshua Crain (Latin)
February 20, 2009Who is the Greatest?Joe Moon (Pre-Alg, Logic I & II)
February 27, 2009The Gift of HumilityLeigh O'Donoghue (Kindergarten Teacher)
March 6, 2009Justifying the Ways of Milton to Tenth GradersHeather Wayne (English II, Yearbook)
March 12, 2009Re-Directing their VisionChristine Miller (Geometry, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus)
March 27, 2009American ExemplarsDavid Rowe (5th Grade Teacher)
April 3, 2009The Macro Universe and the Micro UniverseCarol Andrews (GS Science Teacher)
April 9, 2009Let Us Now Love, Let Us RunMary Chris Rowe (2nd Grade Teacher)
April 17, 2009I Sigh to SayDale King (AP English Lit)
April 23, 2009Equipped for Every Good WorkSarah Rothwell (2nd Grade Teacher)
May1, 2009Trust MeRobbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
May 8, 2009Faith, Philosophy and a Day at the Early Childhood CampusKevin Clark (Systematic Theology, Philosophy & Apologetics, Aesthetics)
May 15, 2009Beauty from AshesKatie Sullivan (2nd Grade Teacher)
May 22, 2009Resident AlienDr. Grant Brodrecht (Western Civilization II, American History, American Government, Senior Thesis Supervisor)