Tolle Lege 2009-2010

DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
August 28, 2009An Inheritance Worth CelebratingJosh Crain (Latin)
September 4, 2009Be Holy for I am HolyKim Gordiany (Sixth Grade math and Bible)
September 11, 2009Calvin in KindergartenHeidi Heinsch (Kindergarten)
September 18, 2009It is a Mystery to MeRobbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology)
September 24, 2009On the Formative Influence of our ReadingJoe Moon (Logic I & II)
October 9, 2009Education Requires a BibRichard Marsh (Algebra I & II, AP Calculus AB)
October 14, 2009Pass the SaltCindy Burrows (Fifth Grade)
October 23, 2009Have You Used Your Imagination LatelyRobin Candeto (Director of Early Childhood, Music for Pre-K & Kindergarten)
October 30, 2009In Honor of the Holy Images (A Meditation for All Saints’ Day)Kevin Clark (Rhetoric I, Aesthetics)
November 6, 2009What hath Calvin to do with St. Augustine? (Part I)David Rowe (Fifth Grade)
November 13, 2009Pinocchio, Pietas, and Priam’s PrinceNick DeGroot (Grammar School Latin [4th,5th], Latin I & II, Greek I)
November 20, 2009Scientific ImaginationBrian Polk (Physical Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science)
December 4, 2009Playacting and the Moral Imagination: An Argument for the “Tool” of TheaterNathan Raley (AP English Language (Rhetoric), French I, III & IV, Debate)
December 11, 2009The Practical Applications of a Geneva EducationJoe Moon (Logic I & II)
December 18, 2009Calvin, the Incarnation, and Assurance of SalvationDr. Mike Beates (Biblical History of the Ancient Near East, New Testament)
January 8, 2010What hath Calvin to do with St. Augustine? (Part II)David Rowe (Fifth Grade)
January 15, 2010Three Modes of Education and Teaching PietyWilliam Richard Marsh (Algebra I & II, AP Calculus AB)
January 22, 2010Calvin and Herbert Reflect on BaptismDale King (AP English Lit.)
January 29, 2010Inspiration through CreationCarol Andrews (Grammar School Science Instructor)
February 5, 2010The RaceJill Lewis (First Grade)
February 11, 2010The Awe-Consumed LifeKendal Natale (Sixth Grade History & Literature)
February 19, 2010Nurturing our GiftsChristine Miller (Pre-Algebra and Geometry)
February 26, 2010Calvin, Piety, and the Postmodern ConditionRavi Jain (Scientific Revolution, Relativity and Reason)
March 5, 2010Marveling at the MarvelousLeigh O’Donoghue (Kindergarten Teacher)
March 11, 2010A Harvest of Righteousness—a Plea for Biblical DisciplineTrisha Detrick (Fourth Grade Teacher)
March 26, 2010Ancient Languages and Biblical InterpretationJosh Crain (Grammar School Latin – grades 3 & 6)
April 1, 2010Why is this Night Different from all the Other Nights?Kevin Clark (Rhetoric I, Aesthetics)
April 9, 2010Losing our Fish TailsLisa Hines (Drama)
April 16, 2010Educated to be a Slave; Redeemed to be a StewardWilliam Richard Marsh (Algebra I & II, AP Calculus AB)
April 23, 2010Making StuffDale Wayne (Art)
April 29, 2010God’s Love as the Real Nursery MagicKatie Sullivan (Second Grade Teacher)
May 7, 2010Grounded in Piety, Governed by TheologyKevin Clark (Rhetoric I, Aesthetics)
May 14, 2010Letter to DadMary Chris Rowe (Second Grade Teacher)
May 21, 2010Why Classical Languages?Dr. Edward Chandler (Dean of Students, Greek II, Economics)
May 28, 2010The Temptation to Unbelief and DespairDr. Grant Brodrecht (Western Civ II, American History, American Government, Senior Thesis Advisor)