Tolle Lege 2010-2011

DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
August 20, 2010On the SonJoe Moon (Logic)
August 27, 2010Thy Kingdom ComeKim Gordiany (Sixth Grade Teacher)
September 3, 2010On Losing Your Mind to Save ItDale Wayne (Art)
September 10, 2010Why Christian Classical Education Matters to MeMaria Francis (Development Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator)
September17, 2010On Reading “Horrible” Books and Praising GodNaomi Wise (Dialectic English)
September 24, 2010Science, Faith and a Distinctly Christian HumanismKevin Clark (Rhetoric I & II, Aesthetics)
October 1, 2010Liturgies of the HeartRobert Ingram (Headmaster)
October 8, 2010Width and Depth, Pleasure and DifficultyJosh Crain (Latin and Greek)
October 14, 2010Keeping it RealRavi Jain (Scientific Revolution, Relativity and Reason)
October 21, 2010A Community of Faith and Learning since 1993Edward Chandler (Dean of Students, Economics)
October 29, 2010Surprised by Joy – A Meditation on C.S. LewisChristine Miller (Geometry, Algebra I)
November 5, 2010Something is MissingRobbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology)
November 12, 2010American IdolNick DeGroot (Greek II, Latin II & V)
November 19, 2010On the Capability of a Classical EducationJoe Moon (Logic I & II)
December 3, 2010How Then Shall We Live NowBrian Polk (Physical Science, Chemistry, AP Chemistry)
December 10, 2010Le Plaisir d’ApprendreNathan Raley (French I, III, IV, AP English Language/Rhetoric)
December 17, 2010In Defense of WorldviewMichael Beates (Biblical History of the ANE; New Testament Survey; Greco-Roman History)
January 7, 2011Tell It to the Generation FollowingVanessa Schaefer (Grammar Schol Science)
January 14, 2011The Musical Root of ScienceRichard Marsh (Algebra II, Scientific Revolution, AP Calculus (AB)
January 21, 2011On CollectsMichael Miller (Music, Rhetoric Choir, Geneva Consortium)
January 28, 2011The Necessity of NeedinessLaura Grace Alexander (English II)
February 4, 2011Forming HabitsKelli Brodrecht (Fourth Grade Teacher)
February 11, 2011The GlanceDale King (AP English Literature)
February 16, 2011Christian MythologyJeremiah Forshey (Pre-Algebra, English I)
February 25, 2011Suffering Under His SovereigntyMichael Beates (Biblical History of the ANE; New Testament Survey; Greco-Roman History)
March 4, 2011Goodness, Truth, and Beauty ReduxRavi Jain (Scientific Revolution, Relativity and Reason)
March 10, 2011Coram DeoAnne Burguet (Sixth Grade Teacher)
March 25, 2011Redeeming EconomicsKevin Clark (Rhetoric I & II, Aesthetics)
April 1, 2011A Leisure-Centered LifeAnna Crain (Grammar School Latin, Latin I)
April 8, 2011Limitless ExpressionsKendal Natale (Sixth Grade Teacher)
April 15, 2011DesireKatie Faerber (Second Grade Teacher)
April 20, 2011Do You Hear the Children Weeping?Carleen King (Writing Consultant)
April 29, 2011PaulatimMary Chris Rowe (Second Grade Teacher)
May 6, 2011Courage to Lead—and LoveNathan Raley (French I, III, IV, AP English Language/Rhetoric
May 13, 2011

Ekballo: “Cast Out” or “Sent Forth” into the Harvest

Carol Andrews (Grammar School Science)
May 20, 2011Human FlourishingLaura Grace Alexander (English II)
May 27, 2011Hopefully DisillusionedDr. Grant Brodrecht (Western Civilization II, American History, American Government, Senior Thesis Director)