Tolle Lege 2011-2012

DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
September 2, 2011Reflections on ResurrectionKim Gordiany (Sixth Grade Teacher)
September 9, 2011“So What” That We Are God’s Image?Robbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology)
September 16, 2011Overexposed: Art History in the ClassroomMatt Clark (Art)
September 23, 2011Using Stories to Cultivate Children with ChestsTrisha Detrick (Fifth Grade Teacher)
September 30, 2011Science in the Great ConversationRobbie Andreasen (Life Science, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology)
October 7, 2011Lessons Learned from CarpoolMaria Francis (Volunteer Coordinator & Writing Consultant)
October 13, 2011Redemption and Reading NietzscheKevin Clark (Philosophy and Theology)
October 21, 2011Sailing Uncharted WatersCindy Burrows and Leslie Shriner (Fifth Grade Team)
October 28, 2011Lingering in Carthage?Nick DeGroot (Fifth Grade Latin, Latin II, V, AP)
November 4, 2011The Christian Hope and Having Your Best Life NowKevin Clark (Philosophy, Theology)
November 11, 2011A Seafaring Classical AdventureBrian Polk (Physical Science, Chemistry, AP Chemistry)
November 18, 2011For All the SaintsMichael Miller (Music)
December 2, 2011The DialecticJoe Moon (Logic I & II), Apologetics
December 9, 2011The Soul Benefits from John DonneLG ALexander (Director of Development, English II)
December 16, 2011From Boy to Knight: Purposeful TrainingKelli Brodrecht (Fourth Grade Teacher)
January 6, 2012Back to the FutureJim Reynolds (Dean of Faculty)
January 13, 2012Exhuming HesiodNick DeGroot (5th Grade Latin; Latin II, V, AP)
January 20, 2012The Problem of EvilJoe Moon (Logic I, Logic II, Apologetics)
February 3, 2012The ApologyJoe Moon (Logic I, Logic II, Apologetics)
February 10, 2012Responsibility. for Pastors and PoetsNathan Raley, AP English Literature and Composition, French I-IV)
February 15, 2012Time TravelersKendale Natale (Sixth Grade Teacher)
February 24, 2012A Second Look at our First ParentsMatt Clark (Art)
March 2, 2012Crito – Socrates, His City, and Our CityJim Reynolds (Dean of Faculty)
March 9, 2012You Are What You EatJeremiah Forshey (Pre-Algebra, English I, 4th Grade Latin)
March 15, 2012On Envy: A Meditation for LentChristine Miller (Geometry, Algebra I, Calculus)
March 30, 2012The Mathematical Arts—Nourishing the Eye of the SoulRichard Marsh (Algebra II, Physics, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, Contemporary Science Topics)
April 5, 2012Grammar: More than RulesAmanda Hallock (Sixth Grade Teacher)
April 13, 2012The Power of a Godly LegacyCarol Andrews (Grammar School Science)
April 27, 2012When You FastKeturah Kiehl (Latin I, III, IV, 6th Grade Latin)
May 4, 2012Living to DieKatie Faerber (Second Grade Teacher)
May 11, 2012Creativity ReduxMary Chris Rowe (Second Grade Teacher)
May 18, 2012Economics and the Ethics of Money and TimeEdward Chandler (Director Geneva Capstone, Economics, Rhetoric, Greek)
May 25, 2012Being Bored by Things that MatterGrant Brodrecht (Director Geneva Capstone, History, Government)