Tolle Lege 2013-2014

DateTitle of ArticleAuthor
May 16, 2014Desire and FulfillmentDr. Edward Chandler (Greek, Economics, and Rhetoric Instructor)
May 9, 2014Mining for God’s GloryKatie Faerber (Second Grade Instructor)
May 2, 2014Identity CrisisCindy Burrows (Fifth Grade Instructor)
April 25, 2014Slow Down!Scott Thigpen (Director of College Counseling)
April 18, 2014Seasonal AmnesiaTamara Molyneaux (French and Latin Instructor)
April 11, 2014Quail in the YardLaura Grace Alexander (English Instructor)
April 4, 2014Thoughts on Learning as a Product of RelationshipJune Huggins (History Instructor)
March 28, 2014Take Back AmericaJeremiah Forshey (English and Rhetoric Instructor)
March 13, 2014Barabbas!Matthew Frazer (Latin Instructor)
March 7, 2014On HopeBill Andrews (Professor in the School of Business Administration at Stetson University and husband of grammar school science teacher, Carol Andrews)
February 28, 2014Leaving Behind What is Important: Landmarks, Tokens, and TrainingKatie Jean-Rejouis (Photography I Instructor)
February 21, 2014Socrates and the DruggistsRavi Jain (Math & Science Instructor)
February 14, 2014Tragedy, Sacrifice, & Redemption: Lessons from Romeo & JulietSarah Madsen (English & Rhetoric Instructor)
February 6, 2014Taking Up and Reading St. AugustineKevin Clark (Academic Dean, Instructor of Philosophy and Theology)
January 31, 2014In Praise of Disciplines and Self-DenialMichael Reynolds (TGS 2010 Alumnus)
January 24, 2014Quality not QuantityKelli Brodrecht (Sixth Grade Instructor)
January 17, 2014Haunted and HamstrungDr. Grant Brodrecht (History Instructor)
January 10, 2014The Little ThingsJenna Bagnoli (Kindergarten Instructor)
December 20, 2013The Reason and Imagination of C.S. LewisKevin Clark (Academic Dean, Theology and Philosophy Instructor)
December 6, 2013Beauty’s Self and Beauty’s GiverTamara Molyneaux (French and Latin Instructor)
November 22, 2013Guarded WordsVanessa Schaefer (Grammar Science Instructor)
November 15, 2013TraditionMichael Miller (Music Instructor)
November 8, 2013Love God and Do What You WillJim Reynolds (Dean of Faculty)
November 1, 2013Salvage ManMatt Frazer (Latin Instructor)
October 25, 2013Exactness and Excessiveness: Some Thoughts on GodJoe Moon (Logic and History Instructor)
October 18, 2013Resurrection, Creations, and GraceClay Deatherage (Clay is a local attorney whose wife, Katie, is Geneva’s Director of Advancement. Their daughter, Mary Boyce, is a second grade student at Geneva.
October 10, 2013The Good Children’s Literature We Almost ForgotJohn and Kathy Muether (John is Dean of Libraries at RTS, Oviedo, and Kathy is Geneva’s librarian)
October 4, 2013The Geneva School is a bunch of AmateursRev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)
September 27, 2013Killing RedMatt Clark (Art Instructor)
September 19, 2013Education is FormativeKevin Clark (Academic Dean, Instructor or Philosophy and Theology)
September 13, 2013Why I Am Not Your Child’s FriendNaomi Wise (English Instructor)
September 6, 2013Weakness of Fragility?Robbie Andreasen (Science Instructor)
August 30, 2013At Home at SchoolMary Chris Rowe (Second Grade Instructor)
August 22, 2013Opening ConvocationRev. Robert Ingram (Headmaster)