Parent Testimonials


Dane (12th), Grant (12th),
Emmalise (9th)

Roger and Trisha Dunnavan

Because of Geneva’s dialectic and rhetoric curriculum, our children have begun the practice of discussing (debating) ideas and concepts over a meal. We are a very regular family in many respects, but because of Geneva our conversations around the dinner table have changed in dramatic ways. Our twin tenth grade boys have become inspired by Western Civilization and art appreciation. After an amazing year of analyzing Darwin and other influential scientists, we’ve had long discussions about evolution versus creationism. I recently overhead a carload of tenth graders continuing a discussion of philosophy and history they began during their last period of the day. We are so thankful that Geneva is our home, especially during this last leg before college. Our children will be more than prepared to handle their transition into college with wisdom and confidence.


Danny (Class of ’14),
Shelley (Class of ’16)

James and Bev Downward

The Geneva School community has become an extension of our home … a place where our children hear the Word of God, see the Word of God, and then are given daily opportunities to live out the Word of God. They have been forever touched by the lives of their caring teachers, enriching coursework, sports, service projects, etc. Geneva has given both our children an opportunity to develop and find their God-given gifts and abilities, live them out, and then be challenged to go forth into the world and make a difference as a believer of Jesus Christ. TGS goes above and beyond to prepare the students and partner with the parents. Our children have become equipped to meet the challenges they will face long after graduation day. We have been truly blessed to be a part of this school!” James and Bev Downward


Ellie (6th), Addie (5th)

Muffie Austin

We became a Geneva family in 2009. Just as God pours his love into us, this school has poured love, wisdom, and joy into our family. It has been a life-changing experience. Private school is a big investment, but I know in my heart that this is the best gift I could ever give my children.

Shafer Family

Ellie (9th), Nick (8th)

Jeff and Shelly Shafer

We have been at Geneva since our daughter started kindergarten and we have treasured the years here. The community of faculty and families is like no other. TGS has provided a pathway for our children to pursue what is true and apply that truth while at the same time work diligently, faithfully, and creatively. Work ethic and the pursuit of truth are a powerful combination and will continue to serve them well in the future. We are deeply grateful.


Taber (5th),Trenton (3rd),
Tate (K)

Joe and Christine Johnson

It was immediately clear to my husband and me when we took a tour of the early childhood campus at The Geneva School that this was the place for our children. We were drawn to the way the school strives to instill the love of learning into each child and the passion that each teacher has for their subjects as well as the children. The children feel it too. They feel engaged, excited, and safe. It’s contagious!


Laura (10th), Elizabeth (7th),
Lydia (5th), William (K), Anna (K4)

Kreg and Katrina Faith

Being new to Orlando, we researched and visited private schools in the area, and it became clear that The Geneva School was the right choice for us. We were already familiar with the impressive results of a classical Christian education. However, we were won over by the primacy of the gospel and the culture of virtue and edification at TGS.


Luke (7th), Abby (6th)

Jeff and Carrie Barner

After much prayerful research, we moved our two children to Geneva in 2012 when they were entering second and third grade. The day before touring TGS, a close friend who knew of our very thorough search asked, ‘What exactly are you looking for?’ My response was, ‘I’m not sure, but I’ll know when I find it.’ After touring Geneva the following day, we immediately knew we had found what we had been seeking. Now in our fourth year at Geneva, my husband and I (along with our son and daughter) are even more passionate about our school choice. Words cannot fully capture the essence of this extraordinary school, but a few come to mind: engaging, dynamic, and nurturing. We strongly encourage any parent in the Central Florida area to come see what makes Geneva so unique and exceptional.


Julian (8th), Rafiel (5th),
Eliam (K4)

Jose and Sandra Castillo

Finding The Geneva School was like finding a golden coin in a haystack. Before moving from Colorado, we already knew that the right school would help with our transition. Our research yielded a haystack of options. During one of our trips to Orlando, we visited several schools. As soon as we walked into The Geneva School, we knew there was something special. Our thirty-minute meeting with the director of admission turned into a lovely two-hour conversation, which included answering some difficult questions. Our top three reasons for choosing The Geneva School are:

Amazing community: We were looking for a community of teachers and parents willing to partner with us in raising our three amazing boys. At The Geneva School, we found an extraordinary community that has come along side of us. As parents, we have uncovered new gifts and talents in our children that unfolded through partnerships with teachers. What sets The Geneva School apart is not the size of a building, but, the heart, talent, and commitment of its families and staff.

Alignment with our family values: We were looking for a school community aligned with our family values: We work with excellence, We serve others, We have fun, and above all, We honor God.  We were thrilled to find consistency in The Geneva School’s mission to pursue moral goodness, truth, and beauty. Furthermore, we have felt challenged to continue strengthening our family values and relationships.

Academic excellence: We were looking for a school that prepared our children to excel in a global community. We have lived overseas in Puerto Rico and The Netherlands, and wanted a school that provided a well-rounded education while instilling a love for learning. At The Geneva School, our boys are challenged through an integrated curriculum that fosters critical thinking, discovery and imagination.


Thad (5th), Luke (4th),
Zach (3rd), Nate (2nd)

Rudy and Susan Reudelhuber

Because of the careful selection of godly faculty, because of the prayer and love that is spent on each child, because of the smaller class sizes that allow time to get to know them as individuals… our teachers have all been quick to truly see our childrens’ unique personalities, learning strengths and weaknesses, and hearts. They have not hesitated to speak with us about how we can work together to maximize personal development and spiritual growth at Geneva. That gift of understanding and intuition, coupled with the knowledge that the teachers truly have a desire to see our children reach their potential, gives us confidence that Geneva is the best place for our family.


Connelly (9th), Charlotte (7th),
Noble (3rd)

Randy and Samantha Renfrow

I love the community of parents here. Geneva does an incredible job of organizing easy and fun opportunities for parents to build lasting relationships. With six years of public school under our belt and just over a year at Geneva, it’s amazing how much more support we get with raising our kids. Instead of fighting social pressure, our whole family is focusing on building strong character. The personal attention from the teachers, amazing curriculum, and fun adventures that the kids get to participate in has more than justified the financial commitment of a private school.


Shannon (Class of ’13),
Brooke (Class of ’15)

John and Laura Riley

Many well-meaning parents wish to place their children in ‘the real world’ so as to help them understand how to cope with cultural pressures. Our family took a different track. We wanted our two daughters to understand the real world by developing a Christian worldview and have a rock solid foundation for discerning truth. Geneva is a safe harbor but it is not a bubble. When you start with the truth and the creator and you know who you are, you can find perspective for everything else: Where does this idea fit? How did they reach that conclusion? Did it come from being an atheist or a believer and so now how can I apply it to my life and experiences?


Lily (10th), Carter (6th),
Pax (3rd)

Luke and Lindsay Tevebaugh

We have been at The Geneva School since 2006 and every year the teachers and faculty continue to blow us away with their passion for learning and love for each student. When we were researching other Christian schools in the area, Geneva stood out because of the quality of the curriculum and the methods used to help students learn. It’s not just worksheets, memorization, and test taking. It feels like a living, breathing curriculum. Year after year, The Geneva School consistently exceeds our expectations.


Brecken (5th), Evan (3rd)

David and Deena Slockett

Our educational goals for our children have always been to develop an intellectual foundation that is inclusive of biblical principles. The Geneva School provides a rigorous didactic curriculum and student-centered opportunities to immerse students in their learning through grade-level experiences and campus-wide activities. These immersion experiences have provided far more value for our children than any textbook—experiences that have begun to shape their thinking, character, and love of learning. The Geneva School is cultivating both their hearts and their minds!

Gilmet Family

Jorge Creech (12th), Nick (12th),
Maddie (10th)

Lance and Jeannie Gilmet

We brought our children to Geneva when they were growing past our ability to effectively home school them. Public school was not an option for various reasons. What we really wanted was a school that would nurture our kids in their faith while pushing them to strive for excellence academically. After a tour of the school we were sold. Geneva teachers and faculty provide the ‘why’ behind the learning. In other words, they put the academics within a context that helps students and parents discern what pursuits are most worthy of our time and talent. Geneva trains our children to be godly stewards of their talents in preparation for making a difference in the world.