Forms and Handbooks

Parent-Student-HandbookParents and students can access this handbook via RenWeb. Parent and students should refer to this document for all TGS policies and guidelines.
Upper School Course CatalogAcademic policies, course descriptions, and more for dialectic and rhetoric students (7th - 12th grade).
Volunteer Forms and Instructions
Background Check
  • All parent volunteers who will have close contact with students, including parent drivers, are required to have a background check

  • Background checks are valid for as long as you stay at TGS.

  • The cost for the background check is $41.25.

  • When visitors sign in at the front desk, volunteers who have a valid background check on file will be given a special volunteer badge that they should wear while they are on campus. When they sign out, the badges should be returned to the front desk.

To submit a background check, please follow these steps:
  • Visit

  • Click the purple “Schedule an Appointment” button on the right.

  • Enter an email address under “New Users/Sign Up” and click the “Sign Up” button. Follow the instructions for creating a Password and Security Question and then click “Sign Up and Continue”.

  • Select “I know my Fieldprint Code” and enter the code FPTheGenevaSchoolVol. At this point, you are ready to enter your demographic information and schedule a fingerprint appointment at the location of your choosing.

  • At the end of the process, print the Confirmation Page. Take the Confirmation Page with you to your fingerprint appointment, along with two forms of identification. At least one form of ID must be a valid, government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.

Driver Check Application (Fillable pdf)
  • To ensure the safety of Geneva students, all parents driving students on behalf of the school (i.e. the school organizes the transportation) such as field trips must have completed a background check through the school’s VECHs program (Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement). Further information on how to submit to a background check can be found above.

  • In addition, we require that all drivers submit to a driving record check. Only those cleared by the volunteer office will be permitted to drive students.

  • Please complete the form and return to the front office or send via email to Ala Turkanik or Sharon Leigh. The cost of the check will be added to your account to cover the cost of this check. Driving record checks are valid for one year (365 days).

  • The cost for the driver check is $13 for the first year and $10 for every proceeding year. It will be billed to a parent's account at the time the driver check is performed.

Misc Forms
Box Tops Collection FormTo make collecting easier, families can use this collection sheet for your Box Tops.
Drop/Add Request Form 2019-2020 FormAdjustments to a student's schedule may be made during the first two weeks of the school year. Monday, September 9, 2019, is the final day this year. Any student who drops/adds a course after this two-week period may receive a Withdrawn/Failing (W/F) or Withdrawn/Passing (W/P) mark on his/her transcript.
The Geneva School Community Service Hours Student Report FormA student may receive community service hours for any service that takes place outside of his/her home for which the student is not paid. The Geneva School’s administration reserves the right to determine whether or not an activity merits being awarded community service hours. It is the responsibility of the student to record his/her community service hours on this form. The data to be recorded by the student on this form includes the following: date(s) of service, the business or ministry served, the service performed, and the supervisor’s signature and comments. Upon completion of each community service activity, students should turn in a copy of their Community Service Hours Student Report form to the Registrar’s office to be filed. (Multiple occurrences of the same service to one organization may be recorded on one form.) Once a form has been turned in, The Geneva School is responsible for keeping a cumulative record of the student’s community service hours.
Student Driver FormTo be submitted by students wishing to park on campus.
Permission to Leave Campus (senior students only)To be submitted by a parent to give permission for a senior student to leave campus in certain circumstances.
Guest Permission for TGS EventTo be completed when a guest is invited to attend a TGS event (e.g. a dance)
Pre-Arranged Absence FormTo be completed when a student is requesting a pre-arranged absence.
Request for Exemption to Backpack PolicyUse this form if you would like to request a medical exemption to the TGS backpack policy—wheeled backpacks are not permitted at TGS.
Automatic Withdrawal Form - Annual Fund DonationsUse this form to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank to make monthly donations to the Annual Fund.
Automatic Withdrawal Form - Legacy Campaign DonationsUse this form to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank to make monthly donations to the Movement in G Capital Campaign.
Accident/Incident ReportOne to be completed by the supervising adult when a child is involved in an accident either on school property or while involved in a TGS event off-campus. Please return to the nurse's clinic.
The Geneva School
The Geneva School
May 26, 2020
  • 12th Gr - AP Art Due Date

    Date: May 26, 2020 - May 26, 2020
    Time: 12:00 am- 11:59 pm
    See more details

May 26, 2020
  • 12th Gr - AP Art Due Date

    Date: May 26, 2020 - May 26, 2020
    Time: 12:00 am- 11:59 pm
    See more details

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