Health and Wellness

Lou Jones MedicalWelcome to the Nurse’s Clinic of The Geneva School.  It is my great pleasure to serve the students, families, and staff of the Geneva community as the School Nurse.  Fourteen years of hospital and critical care nursing experience along with even more years as a mom have prepared me well for the variety of opportunities each day brings.

My primary role each day is caretaker for students who are injured or become ill at school, as well as meeting daily routine needs for students with chronic medical issues.  From cuts, splinters and headaches, to blood sugar monitoring, routine medications and nebulizer treatments, to asthma attacks, allergic reactions and traumatic injuries, I am prepared to care for a variety of student needs.

I am also here to help promote a healthy environment for our students and staff, to ensure student medical records comply with state law and school policy, and to train and educate our staff to be prepared for basic medical emergencies.  One of my favorite Latin sayings is, “Mens sana in corpore sano,” meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body.   My goal is to maximize our students’ intellectual and spiritual growth through caring for their physical needs.  Let me know how I can assist you.

Lou Jones, RN
School Nurse