Information for New Families

Welcome to The Geneva School!  Lou Jones, our upper school nurse, and Aly Alwinson, our lower school nurse, are here to serve your family with any health needs, and to promote a culture of wellness for our students. As this information is important to the health and safety of your child, we do ask that you read it carefully, and then contact us if you have any questions.

Required Medical Documentation

  • Please read the information on the Required Medical Documentation page. These documents are required by state law and/or school policy to be on file for each student enrolled at The Geneva School. Please read the explanation under each item to learn what specifically you will need to do to ensure that we have all of the necessary documents.
  • Please note that the FHSAA athletic physical evaluation forms, required for all 6th–12th grade students participating in a sport, are separate from and in addition to the required Department of Health physical and immunization forms. See the FHSAA Forms page in the athletic section for more information on these forms.
  • Please turn in any applicable forms to the school the first week of August. Some of the required documents may come from your child’s previous school. The admission office will send a Request for Records to your child’s previous school, and you will be contacted in late August if we do not receive all of the necessary records.

Medications Administered to Students

  • Our clinic supplies acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Motrin), diphenhydramine (Benadryl), and calcium carbonate (Tums) that can be given to your child, if needed during the school day, if you have given permission on the student’s enrollment form.
  • Other over-the-counter or prescription medications may be given according to our Medication Policy.

Medical Issues

  • Should your child have asthma, diabetes, a life-threatening allergy, or other chronic medical condition that could affect his/her daily activities at school, we would like to schedule a meeting with you and your child before or during the first week of school to formulate an Individualized Health Plan. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Lou Jones or Aly Alwinson to schedule a meeting before school starts in August.
  • For those children with an EpiPen prescription, an Authorization for Administration of Emergency Medication for Severe Allergic Reaction Form must be completed and signed by the parent AND physician during the summer.Two sets of emergency medications are to be supplied by the parent—one to remain in the classroom with the child and one in the clinic.
  • If your child has asthma and carries an inhaler to be self-administered, state law requires that an Authorization for Asthma Medication Administration at School Form be completed and signed by the parent AND the physician.

We also want to make you aware of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) immunization guides available on the Immunization Information page. They will help you understand the different vaccines available and at what age each vaccine is regularly given.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to these matters. Please call or email us if you have any questions. We are not regularly at school during June and July, but Lou Jones is happy to take calls and answer emails at home. Again, we look forward to meeting you and your family!

Lou Jones, R.N.

407-332-6363 ext 222 (school), 407-405-7064 (cell)

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Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

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