Meal Descriptions

Please see the order form for specific items offered from each vendor. Not every item is offered each month.


Mac and Cheese

Brisket Sandwich with Beans

Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Beans

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Beans

Smoked Bone-In Chicken Breast


Grilled Chicken Wrap

8 pc Fried Nuggets

Fried Chicken Sandwich

12 pc Fried Nuggets

3 pc Chicken Strips

4 pc Chicken Strips


Ham Classic: Ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, savory mayo, and hickory honey mustard on a flaky croissant

Turkey Classic: Smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, savory mayo, and hickory honey mustard on a baker’s roll

Ham Salad: Freshly made ham salad with lettuce, tomato, and savory mayo on marble rye

Chicken Salad: Freshly made chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on a flaky croissant

Roast Beef and Cheddar: Roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and zesty horseradish sauce on a flaky croissant

Mediterranean Veggie: Sliced cucumber, green bell peppers, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives, banana pepper rings, ranch dressing, and balsamic vinaigrette on multigrain flatbread

Signature Ham & Bean Soup: Thick and hearty with chunks of Honey Baked Ham and 15 varieties of beans

Loaded Baked Potato Soup: Delicious baked potato blended with light cream, bacon, chives, and a touch of spice

Garden Salad: Fresh tomatoes and cucumber slices arranged atop fresh green leaf lettuce

Chef Salad: Honey Baked Ham and smoked turkey breast, bacon, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss and cheddar cheese arranged atop fresh green leaf lettuce; dressings on the side


Cobb Salad

6″ Vegetarian on Wheat

6″ Ham on Wheat

6″ Roast Beef on Wheat

6″ Tuna Salad on Wheat

6″ BLT on Wheat

6″ Meatball on Wheat

6″ Turkey Bacon Ranch on Wheat

6″ Pistrami on Wheat


Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza (Ham and Pineapple)


Beef Taco

Cheese Quesadilla

Chicken Taco

Bean and Cheese Burrito

Beef Burrito

Vegetarian Burrito


Almond Chicken: White meat chicken, zucchini, baby corn, celery, water chestnut and almond in garlic sauce

Bistro Lo Mein: Beef, chicken, shrimp, snow peas, broccoli, onion and homemade egg noodles

Broccoli Beef: Beef with crown broccoli in oyster garlic sauce

Garlic Grouper: Sauteed baby bok choy and grouper in garlic wine sauce

Honey Walnut Chicken: Baby bok choy, honey walnut with crispy chicken tossed in our famous cream sauce

Hunan Beef: Sauteed beef with celery, chestnut, bell pepper and zucchini in spicy Hunan sauce

Mixed Vegetables with Garlic: Sauteed mixed seasoned vegetables in garlic sauce

Mongolian Beef: Stir-fried beef and onion, and scallions in spicy chili sauce

Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables: Jumbo shrimp stir-fried with mixed vegetables in wine sauce

Spicy Yummy Chicken: Crispy chicken stir-fried with asparagus and fresh mushroom in famous spicy yummy sauce

Spicy Yummy Combo: Sauteed shrimp, beef, chicken, fresh mushroom and asparagus in spicy yummy sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken: Crispy chicken tossed with vegetables in house sweet and sour sauce

Vegetable Lo Mein: Mixed seasoned vegetables and fresh egg noodles


Bol #1: Kale Salad, with Brussels Sprouts, and Lemon Chicken
Bol #2: Cilantro Noodles, with Ginger Broccoli, and Lemon Chicken
Bol #3: Jasmine Rice with Herb Roasted Potatoes and BBQ Chicken
Bol #4: Kale Salad with Ginger Broccoli and Miso Glaze Tofu
Bol #5: Jasmine Rice with Green Beans and Avocado
Bol #6: Black Rice with Seasonal vegetable and Apricot Glaze Pork
The Geneva School
The Geneva School

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

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