Upper School Athletics

The Geneva School has been competing in competitive upper school athletics since 1999. Over the years, our programs have expanded from ten teams competing in six sports to 25 teams competing in 15 sports. We are full members of the FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) and compete in the state series (district play) in all sports.

Fall Sports
Winter Sports
Spring Sports

Girls Volleyball (7/8, JV, varsity)
Boys Cross Country (MS, JV & varsity)
Girls Cross Country (MS, JV & varsity))

Boys Golf (JV and varsity)
Girls Golf (JV and varsity)

Co-ed MS Soccer

Boys Soccer (varsity)
Girls Soccer (varsity)
Boys Basketball (MS and varsity)
Girl Basketball (MS and varsity)

Girls Beach Volleyball
Girls Softball (varsity)
Boys Tennis (JV and varsity)
Girls Tennis (JV and varsity)

Boys Track & Field (MS and varsity)
Girls Track & Field (MS and varsity)

Boys Baseball (varsity)

The fees for students to participate in upper school athletics are $85 for 6th–8th grade students and $110 for 9th–12th grade students. Please contact Athletic Director Dan Harger if you wish to inquire about the fees for homeschool students.