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physical therapy

RAM Performance and Rehab
Address: 3160 Southgate Commerce Boulevard, Suite 38, Orlando, Florida
Business Owner: Leslee and Alex Mendez
Long Business Description:

After more than twenty years of working with orthopedic populations, especially athletes of all skill levels, we have seen a disconnect between the rehabilitation professional, strength coach, and position/player coach. The typical, too-often scenario is the patient suffers injury, gets mediocre or shortened therapy, participates in a strength and conditioning program that is not preventative in nature or creates movement dysfunction, and returns to sport when not ready. This results in a vicious cycle of injury, return to sport, and re-injury. One of the main predictors of future injury is previous injury and pain. Addressing total body movement dysfunction is integral to not only injury prevention but also indirectly improving performance. In many cases as well, what the general population considers aging, is most often decay. Other cultures around the world move at a high level without the typical degenerative diseases we suffer from in this country. Nutrition has an impact on function, but the ability to move well and move often creates the perfect marriage.

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Business Phone Number: 4076251190
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The Geneva School
The Geneva School

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Nothing from May 29, 2020 to June 3, 2020.

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