Planes, Trains, Buses, Ferries, and Tired Feet

The day started early as we met in the Orlando Airport center lobby at 6:15 am. Forty-one Geneva school 8th graders and their chaperones all ready to take on Boston — to see the sights, sounds, and history. For some, this would be their first airplane flight. For some, it would be their first time riding public transportation in a major city. Excitement was high. Smiles evident on faces. We were ready. A prayer started our journey, and we where on our way!

As soon as we landed in Boston, the adventure began. Mr. Moon briefed us on the transportation options we would be taking during our visit. First a bus to the T (Boston’s name for the subway). We rode the T (changing trains along the way) into the city. We noticed that while riding with a large group, trains get very crowed quickly. When we emerged from the underground we also noticed it was much colder in Boston than Florida. Jackets, hats, and gloves were pulled from suitcases. A quick stop at the hostel (another first for many of us) to drop off our luggage, and we started exploring Boston.

First stop was the Boston Commons and the Freedom Trail. History was all around. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock are some of the names Dr. Brodrecht spoke about as we walked as a group for several miles exploring The Commons, Cranary Burial Gardens, The Kings Chapel, and Fanuiel Hall.

Next we boarded a ferry to cross the harbor and visit “Old Ironside,” the oldest commissioned sailing vessel still afloat. Its actual name is The USS Constitution. We listened intently as the sailors told us about the history of this magnificent ship, its humble beginnings, its battles and victories, and what life as a sailor on board this ship would be like during the 1800’s. We explored its lower decks, each deck having a specific purpose, noticing as we went lower into the ship that the ceiling heights shrank dramatically. Mind Your Head — we now know the origin of that phrase!

After our sailing ship visit, it was another walk around the harbor to dinner. Dinner was a delicious family style Italian meal in Boston’s North end. After dinner another walk to the T. Two trains later, we emerged from the subway close to our hostel. Another short walk.

By now it was late, we were tired. It had been a long day starting early, ending late exploring Boston. But we are still excited to see what tomorrow has to offer!

by Cheree Foreman, parent blogger

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