Field Trips

Williamsburg 2014Field trips at The Geneva School are not merely additions or “perks” that we drop into the educational programming simply in order to provide some measure of additional enjoyment or pleasure to the students, albeit that they certainly do that.  Instead they are tied into our understanding of incarnational education. We believe that students see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the world around them—what it is that we are asking them to learn—and thus any opportunity to appeal to all five of these learning gates, to truly experience what it is that they are studying, is an experience that will contribute more substantively to their learning than the mere reading of it in a book or the acting out of it a classroom.

The schedule of the dialectic and rhetoric out-of-town field trips planned for upcoming school year is given below.

As more information becomes available this page will updated. Click on the links to learn more about each trip.

Come back often to get regular updates on the scheduled out-of-town field trips.

5th GradeWilliamsburgApril 23-28, 2018
6th GradeWashington, DCMay 8-11, 2018
7th GradeNorth FloridaOctober 23-27, 2017
8th GradeBostonMay 8-11, 2018
9th Grade BoysGilchrist WeekendAugust 26 & 27, 2017
9th GradeFlorida EvergladesFebruary 26-March 2, 2018
9th - 12th GradeRhetoric RetreatAugust 16-18, 2017
9th - 12th GradeItaly TripEvery three years. Next trip: summer 2020.
12th GradeSenior Boot CampAugust 7-9, 2017
12th GradeSenior TripMay 18-23, 2018