Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

The Geneva School, founded upon the truths of historic Christian faith and tradition, is committed not merely to informing the minds of students, but to forming students as human beings (body, mind, and spirit) made in God’s image. One of our goals is to encourage our students to live Coram Deo which means “before the face of God,” and suggests that all of life is lived in God’s presence and for his glory.

Daily Bible Readings

With this in mind, The Geneva School seeks to weave into the daily academic life a vital recognition of God’s presence and the need for us all to pursue him in our pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Each class begins the day with brief readings from the Scriptures and with prayer. Students in grades 2–6 will read passages of Scripture that coincide with their academic study of the Bible that is taught during the course of the day. Therefore students in second grade read from the Pentateuch; third grade from the history books beginning with Joshua; fourth reads from the prophets and wisdom literature; fifth from the Gospels, and sixth from the New Testament epistles. All students grades 7–12 will be devotionally reading the same passages on a daily basis. Our readings this year are based upon a sequential reading of Paul’s letter to the Romans, but augmented by many other Bible passages inserted into Romans at appropriate contexts. From the Old and New Testament passages are added from the Gospels, epistles, prophets, wisdom literature, the law, and history. We encourage parents to read the same daily passages as a basis for family discussion and prayer. These basic rhythms of life are the most visible threads in the warp and woof of faith that form the fabric of our academic life at Geneva. The goal is well stated by Solomon who said, “Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart” (Proverbs 3:3).

View the complete day by day schedule for the year is available here.

The Geneva School Chapel

Kindergarteners will find chapel to be an engaging, interactive experience. It will be the students themselves acting out various roles from Old Testament stories along with singing and memorization of Scripture during the first semester. K4 will join kindergartners for chapel for the second semester and the teachers will lead the students through The ABCs of God curriculum which uses the framework of the alphabet to help children understand the attributes and character of God. The lessons help children answer the questions of “Who is God?” and “What is He like?” as they work from Almighty (God is all-powerful) to Zealous (God acts with His whole heart). First graders sing, pray, recite Scripture together and are introduced to the many names of God with the focus, How Majestic Is Your Name. Each lesson presents glorious truths about God and encourages students to see and rejoice in His goodness and greatness.

The theme for the grammar school chapels during the 2016–2017 school year focuses upon the Heroes of the Faith. Beginning with the Old Testament and continuing through the New Testament, the seventeen Grammar chapels feature the men and women of the Bible who were commended by God for their enduring faith.

In addition to the seventeen times the grammar school students are in chapel as second–sixth grade, they are joined by the dialectic and rhetoric students another fifteen times. These joint chapel services primarily celebrate significant times in the life of the school (opening and closing convocations, SALT Servathon) as well as those events in the life of Christ (Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, etc.). Parents are always welcome at all chapel services, but especially the joint chapel services that allow everyone at the main campus to come together in worshipful celebration. Click on the link at the top of this page for the entire chapel schedule, including weekly topics and who is giving the homily.

We believe that education is formation. That is to say, our mind, will, heart, character, soul, and loves are being formed each and every day by those who teach and the content studied. Through chapel we trust that the life of Christ will happily be more nearly formed in each of us. What greater blessing could we hope for than that?