From the Dean of Students

Welcome from Dean of Students Dr. Mike Beates

As a community of faith and learning, The Geneva School recognizes that our mission is invested in the lives of students. We are not an “institution” so much as a community. Each student brings his or her unique personality into their class of several dozen students. Every individual young man or young lady contributes in a vital way to the ethos and composition of the class.

And our desire in the Student Services Department is, … well, to serve the students! Our goal is to work for the success of every student. And this success is measured by much more than test scores or college scholarships. It means we seek the formation of inner virtues that honor God, the student’s family, and the student. And we seek to cultivate God-driven loves for all things good, true, and beautiful. These personal traits are just as vital and will contribute to their future success just as much as successful academic accomplishments.

The student services team includes Dr. Mike Beates, Dean of Students; Isabel O’Driscoll, Director of Student Services; Scott Thigpen, Director of College Counseling; Jill Kong, Registrar; Lou Jones, School Nurse; and Amy Heidmann, Administrative Assistant. Of course, our entire faculty and staff are here to serve students, but this team is blessed with the opportunity to engage more intentionally the lives of our boys and girls, and young men and young ladies. If we can help you in any way, please contact us!


Mike Beates


Mike Beates
Dean of Students
Scot Thigpen
Director of College Counseling
Isabel O’Drsicoll
Director of Student Services
Jill Kong
Lou Jones
School Nurse
Amy Heidmann
Administrative Assistant
The Geneva School
The Geneva School

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