The Geneva School has defined three boards that provide leadership and support to the school in complementary ways: a Board of Governors, a Board of Reference, and an Advisory Board.

The Board of Governors has ultimate accountability for ensuring that the mission, vision, and values on which the school was founded are progressively fulfilled and realized in all areas of school life. The members of this board are responsible for hiring a suitably qualified Headmaster and empowering him (or her) to direct the operation of the school in accordance with these founding principles. Working primarily through its constituent committees, it also oversees corporate governance and finances, and provides leadership for major projects that support the school vision, such as the Legacy Campaign and building projects.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to engage a more diverse group of (up to 30) people who are prepared to serve the school in their particular area of expertise or experience. The advisory board meets annually and its members are available to the school and the board for consultation and participation in projects or committees. In some cases, the person may represent an organization that is closely aligned with the school’s vision; in others, he or she may simply be an individual who is willing to bring some much-needed resources to bear on challenges that the school faces.

The Board of Reference is made up of (up to 15) individuals who are strongly aligned with the values and vision of The Geneva School, and who have agreed to lend their names and reputations to help promote the work of the school. Their names will appear in school publications and PR material, including the school website, and they undertake to endorse the school in their own circles of influence.