Meet the Administration

Rev. Robert F. Ingram

Email: [email protected]

Rev. Ingram's Assistant: Linda Meyer
Phone: 321-422-0212

BA, The College of Wooster
MDiv, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
ThM, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
MHE, Geneva College

I have found it to be a rewarding endeavor to recover that which has been lost. At Geneva we seek to recover the lost art of teaching and the lost tools of learning and to instill again a sense of wonderment of God and His creation. Education, then, is in part preservation—“the breathing of the soul of one generation into the next.” This enculturation safeguards the good, the true, and the beautiful, forwarding these ideals into future generations. But education is also cultural transformation, an intentional leading out of the complex darkness of ignorance into the light of God’s revealed Truth.

My zeal for The Geneva School stems from the fact that these ideals are becoming incarnated in this community of faith and learning. We believe that wisdom surpasses knowledge, that Truth can be known and apprehended, that grace ought to characterize our relationships, and that beauty must adorn our philosophy and lives. Only then can we escape from nominalism to the reality of virtuous scholarship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Being involved with such a school affords me the opportunity to fulfill my calling within Christ’s Kingdom.

Kevin Clark
Academic Dean

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0224

BA, University of Central Florida
MA, Reformed theological Seminary
DLS, Georgetown University

I have been a member of the rhetoric faculty here at Geneva since 2004. During this time I have had the opportunity of teaching broadly across the upper school—logic, classical guitar, Old and New Testament survey, New Testament Greek, rhetoric—though Christian philosophy and theology are my main interests and perennial areas of teaching. My wife and I are glad to be the parents of three Geneva students—Aubrey (class of 2023), Caedmon (class of 2025), and Naomi (class of 2028)—and one future Geneva student, our three-year-old daughter, Eleanor.

The renewal of Christian liberal arts education has me working beyond the walls of Geneva as well, most importantly by serving as an “Alcuin” fellow of the Society for Classical Learning since 2009. Alcuin fellows provide academic leadership to Christian classical schools throughout the country by hosting retreats and speaking at conferences. This fellowship also provided the opportunity for Geneva colleague Ravi Jain and I to co-author The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education (Classical Academic Press, 2013).

Christian classical education is not simply about mastering skills and content, much less simply a means of achieving culturally defined ideas of success. It is ultimately about seeing Christ’s Church flourish as a generation of young men and women are inspired and equipped to work for God’s glory and for the life of the world. As a Christian teacher I believe I am called to support the Church and the family as they seek to prepare children for this calling.

James A. Reynolds
Dean of Faculty

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0209

BBA, The University of Michigan
MA, Secondary Education, Eastern Michigan University

When my wife and I first learned about The Geneva School and enrolled our sons, I experienced this as a homecoming.  Many years back, I had helped begin a Christian school, and all that we had thought about and worked to implement back then I saw in full fruition at The Geneva School.  The rich learning community, the focus on becoming wise and being eloquent, the desire to see all truth as God’s truth, and the redemptive work of Christ at the heart of all learning attracted us immediately.

As I continued to see my sons flourish at the school, I began to consider if God was calling me to join the faculty.  After 19 years at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Publishing as an Educational Consultant, Marketing Manager, and Vice President/Editor-in-Chief, I left educational publishing in 2011 for the opportunity to serve the students, parents, and faculty at The Geneva School. I look forward to the journey with excitement to serve our good and great God.

Michael S. Beates
Dean of Students

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0218

BA, Clemson University
MDiv; STM., Biblical Theological Seminary
DMin, Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando

I remember when The Geneva School was an idea in the minds of the founding board of governors. It was a big idea, a God-sized vision far greater than the capabilities of that fledgling group. My family got involved that first year, and our eldest son Jeb entered third grade as a charter student. In fact, we had children at Geneva straight through the first fifteen years until our daughter, Abbie, graduated in 2008. Over the years, my wife Mary and I have served as custodians, curricular consultants, soccer coach, field trip drivers, substitute teachers, lunchtime aid, and more. Suffice it to say, the “Big Idea” of Christian classical education has left an indelible impact on my family. So it was with deep gratitude to God’s kind providence, I began to teach at Geneva in 2008 and began assisting with the administration of the school as dean of students in 2011.

Our family’s journey over the last thirty-some years has included serving with Young Life in Buffalo, NY, adult Christian education at Ligonier Ministries, college and seminary teaching (at Belhaven University in Orlando, Florida Southern College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and most recently Reformation Bible College in Sanford) and of course parenting numerous children (natural, adopted, and foster). I believe all these experiences have equipped me well to serve Christ and Geneva’s student community. I have watched with deep appreciation Geneva’s journey toward maturity and consider it a privilege to serve here. In the classroom it is my great joy to teach the truths of the Christian faith to seventh and eighth grade students. I strive as dean of students to mentor students toward resting in the hope I have in Christ and toward the passion for truth that I have received from so many others over the years (2 Tim. 2:2).

Heidi Heinsch
Director of Early Childhood

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0227

BA, Elementary Education/Psychology, Bethel University

My childhood was spent in Minnesota before planting a church in 1984 in Hudson, WI with my pastor/husband, Gregg Heinsch. We were high school sweethearts who married in 1981 and have three grown and married children (Luke, Leah, and Taylor). Moving from the snow to the sun in 2005, I continued my teaching career at TGS in kindergarten. Two of our children graduated from The Geneva School (2006/2010), and each of our children and their spouses are involved in full-time ministry. In 2011, I became Geneva’s director of early childhood. Spending free time building family memories as a mom and grandma brings me much joy.

I believe that the effectiveness of Geneva’s early childhood program lies in the blended strengths of the entire team of dedicated and gifted professionals who love Jesus Christ and children. God always prepares and assembles complementary groups of his servants when he intends to do something extraordinary. Evidence of his working here is the source of my optimism about this shared adventure of learning.

The Irish poet William Butler Yeats tells us that, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” In the early childhood program at The Geneva School, we seek to fan the flickers of those incipient yearnings to learn. A lifelong love of learning is most likely to develop when the earliest experiences of a child’s education are positive, rewarding and accentuated with wonder. Therefore we are committed to a curriculum that is intricately woven and integrated across all subject areas while being careful to interject fun in the process of personal growth. After all, we are not merely dispensing knowledge, but helping to develop children who taste the joys of being the object of God’s love in Christ, residents in a world resounding with his glory, and partners in the advance of his kingdom.  Soli Deo Gloria

Katie Deatherage
Director of Advancement

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0220

BA, Furman University

My husband and I have known about The Geneva School from the beginning, supported from a distance while watching the school establish deep roots, and joined the community as parents in 2010. The evidences of God’s hand of provision upholding the school are numerous; it is an honor to be used as an instrument to help accomplish the work that he has called the school to do.

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea… – Antoine de Saint Exupery

The role of the advancement office is, as its name suggests, to press an idea forward. So, we want to teach everyone we meet to yearn for (and understand) Christian classical education. I love the opportunities I have to introduce new people to the school, grow our own community’s understanding and love for the mission of the school, and increase the support that brings The Geneva School’s mission to fruition. God has called each of us to steward the resources that he has given to us—time, talent, and treasure. The Geneva School has also been called to steward the resources entrusted to it—financial and human. The joy produced from giving of my own resources and watching others do the same so that students might benefit from an education that strives to produce virtuous scholars cannot be underestimated.

As the school matures and grows, the need for garnering support has also grown. Seven years as a development officer at Rollins College provided excellent experiences to learn the tools of philanthropy, marketing, and communications.

Katie Brubaker
Director of Admission

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-422-0204

B.Phil, Miami University (Ohio)
MPA, Indiana University
JD, Indiana University

I’m a Midwestern girl (or “gal” as my mother would say) and moved to Florida to take a job as in-house counsel with Cru in 2007. After practicing intellectual property law, contracts, and corporate formation for eight years, I had the opportunity to work with major donors to The Jesus Film Project, a ministry of Cru. During that time my husband Matt and I had two babies: Micah (class of 2027) and Hannah (class of 2029). When Micah was four, his pediatrician recommended we start looking at schools other than the over-crowded one down the road that we were zoned for. We lived in Lake Nona at the time and had never heard of The Geneva School. We started asking families that we respected where their children attend school and four families in a row said, “Our kids go to so-and-so but our dream school is The Geneva School.”

Matt and I took a tour and then attended a prospective parent night. I fell deeper in love with the mission and vision of The Geneva School each time I visited. I couldn’t wait for Micah to start. As it turns out, The Geneva School was even better than we were expecting. In 2015 I joined the advancement team, using my skills in fund development and communication to invest in a school that gives kids the education I wish I had had. It’s exciting to see classes of students graduate that are confident speakers, deep thinkers, impressive athletes, kind to one another, and will stop to help me pick up papers when I drop them all over the hallway (true story).

When the opportunity to help others find their dream school became available, I jumped right away. I now serve as the director of admission at The Geneva School. I love introducing people to The Geneva School—a place that honors childhood and dignifies their students through the integrated, experiential curriculum. Our classrooms are alive with singing, discussions, laughter, and learning, and our students have their choice of colleges. It’s the education I always thought was possible but haven’t seen anywhere else. Every day I’m grateful we’re at The Geneva School.

The Geneva School
The Geneva School

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