Rain-Dampened Shoes, not Spirits

God saw fit to add rain to our DC agenda, so we embraced the adventure set before us and had a lot of fun, not in spite of the rain, but with the rain. Each depression in the sidewalk was a moat to skirt and the busses nearing the edge of the road could cause a chill geyser to spout forth unexpectedly.

In between rainy strolls and attempts to catch raindrops on the tongue, we visited the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum. Casually visiting both museums in a day could lead one to think of the works of nature as God’s work and the works of technology and engineering as Man’s work. But from Col 1:17 we know “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” God’s creation of us means he gives us a capacity to create, too. We see this every day of course, but being up close to a lunar module, that we made, that has landed on the moon, is a great reminder of how remarkably we are created in God’s image.

National Museum of Natural History

National Air and Space Museum

At the beginning of the day Dr. Clark played some guitar.

We aren’t going to remember how to use a seatbelt after all this public transportation!

We walked some more in the rain…

Wouldn’t be a DC blog post without some escalator photos!

And we wrapped up the day with pizza and some games at the hostel. Friday’s forecast shows no rain and a chance to see some memorials! Stay tuned…

by Luke Tevebaugh, parent blogger

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