Wednesday Around the Capital

After a hearty continental breakfast, we hit the road again Wednesday for day two of the Geneva School’s 6th Grade D.C. visit.

The Library of Congress and the Capitol Building were first on the agenda. The architectural beauty of this city and our country’s most historic buildings continue to amaze everyone on the trip.

Our students, though, (and the apparent passion for education behind their teachers and parents) are as remarkable as the things seen and facts heard on this trip. Their effortless interaction with the docents made this parent proud. Their knowledge of our country’s history and its application to why our government runs the way it does surprised more than a couple of our tour guides. (One even honorarily pre-advanced the class to the 7th grade. Much to their chagrin, however, they were told they would have to “honorarily” finish out the year as 6th graders.)

There was more walking and an unscheduled, brief but pleasant, interaction with a person exercising their First Amendment rights on the lawn of the Capitol Building…

A few of the students were particularly enthusiastic about a future career in law, and they especially perked up during the lecture in the courtroom of the Supreme Court.

The Botanical Gardens was a good opportunity to “walk around briskly” and enjoy some unstructured time in the beauty of God’s creation, seeing representative plant species from around the world.

Like was said yesterday, the journeying is almost as much fun as the sites and sights. Escalators and the Metro haven’t gotten old, yet!

To wrap up a long, exertion-and-wonder-filled day, we played games and then slept hard. We’re all excited to see what DC has for us on Thursday!

by Luke Tevebaugh, parent blogger

The Geneva School
The Geneva School

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