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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the academics section of our website. As you explore what Geneva has to offer your child academically, what you will see will leave you inspired, and perhaps even challenge your categories a bit. Geneva is a Christian school that creatively seeks to follow in the tradition of classical liberal arts education. I trust that you will find that this commitment to our Christian and classical liberal arts heritage informs our entire academic program, from the structure of our school and curriculum to the teaching practices and learning experiences we develop for our students.

The Geneva School exists because students need an education that orders their loves and renews their minds in preparation for service in the Kingdom of God. That is to say, we believe that education is about Christian formation from the ground up. A robust academic program is essential to a formative Christian education, and Geneva’s creative appropriation of the classical liberal arts delivers well on that score. Our vision, however, extends well beyond academics. A Geneva education is an education for life. Since a flourishing human life is as much intellectual as it is social, spiritual, physical, and practical, we seek to provide an education that finds a harmony of the academic, spiritual, social, and athletic aspects of a student’s learning experience.

When we think about academics we often have in mind a palette of subjects like mathematics, science, history, and literature. While these subjects are central to our academic curriculum, perhaps it will be surprising to find that physical education and the fine and performing arts are also academic areas of study at Geneva, not merely extra-curricular activities. The creative, the intellectual, and the athletic are integral parts of our academic curriculum.

The organization of the academic information included here reflects the structure of the school itself. In the tradition of the great schools in the liberal arts tradition, Geneva is organized into three schools, each bearing the name of one of the the liberal arts of language that features prominently in the grades housed in that school. The Grammar School includes grades K4–6, the Dialectic School grades 7–8, and the Rhetoric School grades 9–12. Although the language arts are highlighted somewhat by the names of the school, make no mistake, the mathematical arts, as well as the fine and performing arts, join them to form the fabric of the curriculum.

Again, welcome to academics at Geneva! I truly hope you will be moved, delighted, even instructed, as you explore what we have to offer. However, just as we seek to model in our curriculum, what is even better than reading about something is experiencing it for yourself. So along with this welcome, allow me to invite you to come and see our academics in action.

Warm regards,

Kevin W. Clark
Academic Dean

The Geneva School
The Geneva School

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

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