Lunch Program

The Geneva School lunch program, for students in K4–12th grade, is run as a fundraiser for our athletic department. It is also our hope that this program will be cost-effective, enjoyable, and convenient for you and your family.

The order window for April lunches will open on Tuesday, April 9, and the window will close on Monday, April 23.

Lunch accounts have already been established for all enrolled students.

If you have not already activated your lunch account, please click HERE to download the step-by-step instructions for activating your account and placing your first order.

If you have already activated your lunch account, please click the button below and log in to EZ Parent Center using the same credentials used last year. When you log in for the first time this school year, please click the “credit cards” tab and confirm that your payment method is still valid before proceeding with your order(s). If your email address has changed, or you have forgotten the password, step-by-step instructions for activating your account may be downloaded HERE.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions about Geneva’s lunch program may be directed to Kamillia White at 412-781-0250 or email by at


  • The system will allow you to change selections or cancel orders as long as the order window remains open. To change a selection, click the button to the left of another meal selection. To cancel an order, click the button that says “no lunch today”, and the amount you paid previously will be returned to your bank for future use.  Once the order period has closed, no further changes can be made for that month.
  • If you visit the order center and are NOT able to make selections for a given day, the window for ordering that day is closed.
  • If you visit the order center and ARE able to make meal selections and “save and pay” at the end of your order, then the order was successfully submitted and your selections will turn blue.
  • This system sends email confirmations of credit card charges, but it does NOT send email confirmations detailing the meals ordered. Please click the “Print Order to PDF” button at the top of the order page page to generate a list of meals ordered.


  • Each month, an online order form will be posted and parents will be notified via email that the ordering period has begun.
  • All the pertinent information for each student will be prefilled in the order system (name, grade, classroom, etc.).
  • Parents will be able to choose from the menu on a “per day” basis.
  • If you do not want to pay for lunches with a debit card or credit card, you can pre-load your child’s lunch account and then pay for meals on a declining balance (please contact Christy Herzog for more information).
  • As long as the order period remains open, you will be able to add/cancel/change lunches simply by logging in and making the desired changes. However, once the order period has closed, no further changes can be made.


The Geneva School is sensitive to the needs of students with allergies, taking great care to provide special lunch tables for students with severe allergies. However, because the school orders lunches from various outside vendors, it cannot be absolutely certain that all food products are free of potential allergens, notably peanut or peanut-related products. If a student has a severe allergy, we strongly advise parents to consider other lunch options.


The lunches of students who are absent from school will be donated back to the lunch program to be purchased by another student UNLESS a parent calls the front office before 10:00 am and specifically requests that the meal be saved until the next day or given to a sibling. Due to the nature of our ordering system, we cannot issue refunds or credits for absences.


Students who have not pre-ordered a lunch may always come to the lunch window and will be served a beverage and four sides chosen from a selection of fresh or dried fruits, fresh vegetables, cheese, or nuts. The family account will be billed $6.25 for each meal.


Students in grades 3–12 may use the microwave ovens at the main campus to reheat food.
The Geneva School
The Geneva School

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

Nothing from June 19, 2019 to June 24, 2019.

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